Specialized claim service – You work with claims professionals who understand your business, listen, work closely with you and never forget that you are the customer. Specialization allows us to make this goal a reality. It is no boast when we say, “nobody does it better”. Our team has administered over 27,000 hospitality claims in the US, Virgin Island, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

We know your challenges - Whether you own or operate a hotel, motel, resort or casino, you’re in a fast-paced people industry that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without a break. You have to keep rooms occupied, guests happy, staff stable, and your property up to date. Your world doesn’t stop when a claim occurs. You need someone who understands this and keeps up with you, makes your life easier.

We know hospitality claims – Through years of experience working with hotels and detailed analysis of claims data, we can show the key areas in which you need to protect yourself – before a claim occurs. For example, we know that slips, trips and falls cause more than 30% of all hospitality claims, and that 40% of claim dollars are spent on this type of loss. And we break it down further – trip and fall claims as a result of carpets, stairs, bathtubs, pool decks and more. If a claim occurs, we know how to defend against these types of claims.

When you hire Certus, our expertise becomes yours – That expertise runs the gamut, including claims that come from a fall, property theft, valet parking, pool drowning, liquor liability security, or any of the range of exposures you face every day.